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Yoga Pose: Plank with Knee Tuck

Try this move if you're having trouble with the transition from Downward Dog to Lunge.

Having trouble with the transition from Downward Dog to Lunge?

The transition, when done properly, glides you from Downward Dog into a Lunge. But any beginners can attest that it is not an easy task. Mostly, the foot ends up hitting the mat somewhere inbetween. If you can't position your foot far enough forward you will end up with a very deep bend of the knee, which puts the knee at risk, inhibiting your stretch of the hip flexors and making it more difficult to step the second leg forward.

Until you learn how to bring your foot all the way forward between your hands, practice a common modification with these four steps.

1. From Downward Dog, bend your knees and come onto your hands and knees in Table Top position.
2. Lean to your left, with your right hand grabbing hold of your right ankle and bring your leg forward placing the foot inline with your left hand.
3. Return your right hand to the floor.
4. Straighten your back knee and come into a lunge. FYI: If your core and psoas muscles are weak, you will have trouble with the transition. This modification on plank pose will help you to develop the strength you need to triumphantly swing your leg forward from downward dog and land in a lunge.