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Leafy, Dark and Green

Tips for cooking with kale, swiss chard, spinach, collards, and other greens.

Leafy, Dark and Green
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Kale in particular is a very versatile green. It can be roasted with olive oil, nutritional yeast, onion powder and sea salt to create dry “ kale crisps” that even kids love.

A raw kale salad is best when the clean kale is torn by hand, put into a large bowl and massaged with olive oil then left to soften slightly for about 15-30 minutes. When combined with other salad veggies (shredded carrots, tomatoes, celery, red cabbage, etc) it becomes a hearty and soul-satisfying dish. Dressing for kale salad needs to be assertive like the green itself - here’s a good one:

Lime Cumin Salad Dressing
Olive oil
Freshly squeezed lime juice
1-2 drops of essential oil of lime (therapeutic grade only)*
Sea salt
Freshly ground pepper

Use twice as much olive oil as lime juice. Add the essential oil of lime* and about a scant teaspoon of cumin for every ¼ cup of olive oil. Add salt and pepper and taste, taste, taste! Adjust as you go. If you have extra leftover, it will keep well in a glass jar in the fridge for about a week but you will have to add fresh lime juice to perk it up.

*Not all essential oils are safe to be ingested. Check the label to ensure that it is an approved supplement and safe for consumption.

Enjoy experimenting with the dark leafies: I’d love to hear how your creations turn out!


Laura Freundlich holds a Master’s in Holistic Health Education, is a nutrition educator, a natural foods chef, a yoga teacher and a Young Living Essential Oils health advisor. To learn how to integrate nutrition, yoga, mindfulness practices or essential oils into your life for greater health and vibrancy, contact Laura at or visit