Mind-Body Musings

Remember to Breathe

Give yourself a moment — just a moment! — to slow down and focus inward.
Remember to Breathe
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Sometimes I find that the most innocuous instruction in yoga can bring on the tears. Something like "take a breath into your body" can unexpectedly open the floodgates! Sometimes the tears are accompanied by a sudden realization about something going on in my life, sometimes it's a delayed reaction to something that happened earlier. And sometimes, for whatever reason, I just needed a pure, clean release. We are so often frantically running around with our minds on a million different things, that all we need to connect to ourselves is the permission to give ourselves a moment - just a moment! - to slow down, and focus inward. And we often don't give it to ourselves because we think we need to make a much bigger time and energy investment to get there - we think we need to go on retreat, or meditate for an hour, or listen to an inspirational speaker or set an entire day aside for ourselves. But really, it's just one conscious breath away.

Deborah Donenfeld is an HYL-certified health coach who encourages her clients to go deep, and specializes in helping people to understand the mind-body connection, uncovering the deeper factors contributing to health issues and stuck-ness. She lives in Manhattan and can be reached at deborah525@gmail.com.

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