Imagine Forgiveness

Would it be easier to forgive those in your life who have done you wrong, if you knew that you—or the deepest, most connected part of you—had attracted these experiences to your life for the express purpose of healing a part of you that needs healing? Would you maybe even feel grateful toward that person rather than angry, if the end result of the experience helped you to become unstuck in a vital area of your life? Enter Radical Forgiveness by Colin Tipping. This is a completely different way of defining and looking at forgiveness. If it all just seems unimaginable, read Jill's Story on Tipping's website, and see if you don't feel intrigued. (It's under "Free Stuff," and you will then have to register with the site. Or you can just get the book.);

Deborah Donenfeld is an HYL-certified health coach who encourages her clients to go deep, and specializes in helping people to understand the mind-body connection, uncovering the deeper factors contributing to health issues and stuck-ness. She lives in Manhattan and can be reached at




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