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Get What You Want

Replacing a negative thought with something positive can change everything.

Get What You Want
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As the spiritual teacher, August Gold, said in a recent talk about abundance and the Law of Attraction, all we need to do to get what our heart desires is ask, and allow. The Universe will answer our "ask"— it is not our job to make it happen; we have only to allow it to come. So why is that so hard? Why is it hard to open to receive what we want? And how do we know if we're not open enough to receive it?

I have been aware for a long time that there may be subconscious fears that keep us from getting what we think we want (I won't have time for myself if I am more successful; Maybe I won't actually like having to share my room/house/apartment/life with someone else; If I get better, I won't have all these people around taking care of me and paying attention to me.) But what was really enlightening for me was the idea that even fear of NOT getting what we want can close us down just as much. Fear, anxiety, is a constricting, closing energy.

But sometimes the fear is subtle, under the surface—how do we know what kind of energy we're putting out? Quite simply, Ms. Gold says, do you feel good or do you feel bad? When we feel good, we are open. That definitely resonates for me—feeling bad IS a closed feeling, and feeling good is much more open and expansive. So if you're not feeling good—anxious, fearful, grasping, fixated—do what you can to make yourself feel better. This is not about pretending to feel something you don't—pretending, or pushing feelings away, is actually not that helpful. It is about connecting to your wholeness, to a deeper place in you that knows who you are.

Replace a worried thought with a thought of Truth—something positive you know about yourself to be true. Listen to music that inspires you. Or quite simply—and we all have time for this one—take a breath. It could change everything.


Deborah Donenfeld is an HYL-certified health coach who encourages her clients to go deep, and specializes in helping people to understand the mind-body connection, uncovering the deeper factors contributing to health issues and stuck-ness. She lives in Manhattan and can be reached at deborah525@gmail.com.


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