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Working out with Pure Yoga

Ready for the most difficult workout ever? Get on the barre!

Working out with Pure Yoga
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I have to tell you about this amazing new workout I've been doing, um, ATTEMPTING for a few weeks at PureYoga. It's called Figure 4, and it's a barre-based program taught by flame-haired Met Opera Ballet-alum Kate Albarelli (pictured left). Let me tell you, with the exception of Soul Cycle's crazy cardio ride, this class is far and away the hardest hour of physical activity in the city. The first 15 minutes is spent on thigh work- picture yourself sitting repeatedly into an imaginary chair (ouch!) My thighs have always been my weakest area, but I'm seeing and feeling results already. I should be, judging by how hard my legs shake just five minutes into class.

The beauty challenge? I usually run errands post-workout, and I worry about perspiration drying on my face, which has historically caused me to break out, big time. The biodegradable solution: Yes To Blueberries Age Refresh Brightening Facial Towelettes. One sweep and sweat is gone. Along with any telltale mascara runs. I'm fresh and ready to face the day (but not another class!)

Update: We just heard that right now the towelettes are buy one get one free!