6 Healthy Holiday Habits


Habit #4: Reacting negatively to hurried, rude shoppers and drivers. Everyone is rushing around, hoping to get the last-minute gift, often unaware of their behavior. We respond negatively and abruptly, and unconsciously adopt their mood.
New practice: Slow down, be more present in the moment. Open your eyes to others, smile at the rude person, take the high road, and accept that it is just a part of the stress of the season. Be more patient with yourself and others. Realize the world needs more bright, happy, cheerful souls in it.

Habit #5: Making favorite traditional holiday dishes that can be loaded with lots of extra sugar, fat, and calories, such as the “must have” chocolate fudge or butter-laden mashed potatoes.
New practice: Substitute healthier ingredients and use less sugar (no one will even notice!). Look for new, revised recipes or whip up something NEW that you can be excited about sharing with your friends and family. Get creative!

Habit #6: Making the SAME New Year’s resolution year after year. You know the one, where you lose 10 pounds, exercise more, and work less?
New practice: Make a list of 10 very small, yet specific goals/intentions. Then next to each goal, write three ways you can accomplish or achieve each one. For instance, you want to lose 10 pounds, so you: 1) eat less bread and starchy foods; 2) drink more water, especially before meals; 3) do a New Year detox/cleanse program. You’ll have a much greater chance of reaching your goals and will feel better about it!

Jayne Justice is a certified holistic health counselor and fitness instructor based in Manhattan Beach, Calif. For more information about Jayne and her detox programs, visit www.jaynejustice.com.