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Your New Best Friend

Toss out your old wash cloth!

Your New Best Friend
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Pulling or tugging at your skin when applying makeup or skincare, especially the delicate under eye area, will counteract your anti-aging routine. Hello, new wrinkles and sagging! (Quick tip: Use your ring finger to apply eye cream. It is your weakest digit.)

Another skin-saving tip to keep you fresh-faced is to remove makeup gently. Recently, I got fed up with drying - or rubbing, rather, my face with a rough washcloth. It’s irritating, plus I usually need to use additional makeup remover right after to lift off leftover eye makeup.

Luckily, I was introduced to My New Best Friend. (Yes, that is the name of product).One Love Organics My New Best Friend One Love Organics My New Best Friend is a skin shammy made from 100% pure dermalogical grade micro fiber chamois. We know micro fiber cloths are phenomenal for cleaning around the house – and I will testify that they are a revelation for your cleansing routine.

Cotton cloths just push around dirt, while the micro fibers lift oil, dirt and bacteria away from the skin and onto the cloth. I used My New Best Friend after a night out (imagine this: I was rocking full throttle smoky black eyes, liner, mascara, AND lashes!) I used a dab of eye makeup remover, cleansed as usual, and then dried/ wiped my face with the shammy. The result? My face was soft and squeaky clean – and the cloth was left black as coal. I’d post a picture for the evidence, but let’s not get graphic here! You’ll just have to try it for yourself.

P.S. Not to worry, My New Best Friend is machine washable on a gentle cycle, or by hand.