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A little more than sun-kissed?

Quench your skin with our favorite Aloe products

A little more than sun-kissed?
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We're back in the office fresh from the weekend, and despite our best efforts of applying SPF all weekend, a few of us couldn’t help but feel slightly over heated - myself included!

Aloe is the best way to repair and cool down your hot or sunburned skin. You might keep a fresh Aloe plant in your home, but let’s face it – you'll need a product for on-the-go applications while you're traveling this summer. This morning we road tested a few options and came across two favorites. Fans of the continuous mist sunscreens will appreciate Hampton Sun Continuous Spray Hydrating Aloe. The formula contains menthol for an instant cooling sensation, and was not sticky or fragranced at all. To tote along in your bag, we recommend the 4oz size of Jason Naturals Soothing Aloe Vera 98% Gel, it adds a touch of Allantoin and Vitamin B5 to repair skin.

Next weekend, I’ll remember to have one of these on hand for some instant hydration (and to stay in the shade a little more!)