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Get a Malibu Mane

Malibu C Swimmers Natural Wellness Treatment helps combat the effects sun, salt and chlorine have on your hair.

Get a Malibu Mane
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It’s true: Sun, salt and chlorine-filled pools are the staples of an amazing summer. But the effects they have on your hair: not so amazing. To combat this common beauty bummer suffered by beach babes, Los Angeles-based beauty brand Malibu C has created a Swimmers Wellness Treatment designed to remove the salts, hard water minerals and chlorine that are responsible for making hair dry and dull during these scorching summer months. It even prevents the dreaded “green swimmer’s hair,” which is actually a build up of copper! Fortunately, this product is 100% vegan, and free of preservatives, parabens and fragrance.

How to use it: After shampooing, pour the packet of crystals into your hands and create a thick foam with the water. Massage into hair and leave in five minutes, then shampoo out. Enjoy shiny hair and an itch-free scalp!