Bottoms Up!

While booze-fueled treatments certainly intrigue us, it's actually the citrus sole scrub in Sweet Lily's Lemon Vodka Pedicure that we've found addictive—and incredibly easy to recreate at home.

Let’s be honest: Most home spa tips we hear get filed away under “something lovely to consider when someone adds an eighth day to the week.” But during a visit to New York’s Sweet Lily Natural Nail Spa the other day, we discovered the exception to the home spa rule: a treatment we would actually do at home—and in fact, have done since then. All that’s involved is halving a lemon crosswise, dipping it in granulated sugar, and working the surface over your soles. “The lemon juice, which is inherently exfoliating because of its alpha hydroxy acids, mingles with the sugar and gives you a mechanical exfoliation as well,” explains Donna Perillo, the spa’s owner. “And that double sloughing is great after a season’s worth of flip-flop use; you’ll get rid of a lot of that embedded…ewww.” (Yes, that’s the scientific term.) Though you may need to re-dip the lemon into the sugar a few times to get as much scrubbing action as you’d like (the juice will periodically dissolve the granules) the whole process should take all of two to three minutes—i.e., no extra day of the week required.