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The Best Multi-tasking Beauty Product

An organic alternative to Petroleum Jelly

The Best Multi-tasking Beauty Product
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Petroleum Jelly has been known as an inexpensive do-it-all beauty product for decades. The problem with it is that its main ingredient is derived from fossil fuels and is also a possible human carcinogen. I guess it really doesn’t make sense to apply the same ingredient on your skin that is used to run your car!

An amazing eco-friendly alternative is Waxelene. Waxelene uses beeswax, vitamin e oil and rosemary in place of petroleum. It still provides the same multi-tasking benefits as a petroleum jelly would, but it is organic and actually nourishes your skin. You can use this to take your make up off, soothe chapped lips, moisturize cuticles, protect dry winter skin, and even use it on babies to prevent diaper rash. I leave a small jar on my desk at all times and apply through out the day as a lip balm and to smooth fly aways.

Here’s a fun tip: To get high shine eye shadow that looks like it came straight off the runway, apply Waxelene on eyelids as a base before eye shadow application, and then dab some more on top of the eye shadow.

Now that we've ditched the Petroleum Jelly, let's work on getting those electric cars! One thing at a time, right