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5 Questions for Celebrity Green Makeup Artist, Katey Denno

After meeting with Katey Denno, a Celebrity Green Makeup Artist based in New York City, I decided to get the scoop on her favorite eco-friendly products, tips and tricks!

5 Questions for Celebrity Green Makeup Artist, Katey Denno
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1.What five products do you keep in your makeup kit at all times?

Dr. Hauschka Lip Balm, Ila Face Oil, Weleda Skin Food, Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler, and Rubis Tweezers

2. What is your favorite product for multitasking?

Ilia Illuminators – These are great for calling attention to the cheeks, eyelids, brow bone, and cupids bow!

3. Given how much makeup models typically wear on set, what is your favorite product for removing it?

I've been a fan of Bioderma Crealine for years. It's gentle enough that it doesn't sting a bit if it gets in the eye. I also advise models to use coconut oil on a washcloth in the evening to remove hard-to-get-off eye makeup.

4. How do you keep your makeup brushes clean on set?

I'm such a stickler for cleanliness! I never contaminate cream based products by double dipping, and I never using the same brush on two different people. I have what must seem to the average person like an endless supply of brushes. I'm very careful about placement of brushes on my makeup table so I always know which model I used which brush on. And—as everyone should do—I wash my brushes regularly with sulfate-free shampoos and natural conditioners.

5. What is your favorite eco beauty tip?

Try using a lip color from a green line. We ingest pounds of lip products yearly; wouldn't you like to know that what you're indirectly putting in your mouth won't do your body harm?


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