On the (Biodynamic) Farm

Green Acres

Does a woman from New York City have what it takes to become a farmer?

Green Acres
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I had learned that spring butter is incredibly nutritious, made from the milk of cows that graze on new grass that grows after the snow has melted. When I asked Peter, the dairy manager, about it, he responded by skimming off a thick layer of fat from a large canister of buttermilk, pouring it into a small container and directing me to shake it for about 15 minutes. I did so and discovered solid yellow bits separating from the liquid. Draining it and adding ice water, I continued shaking. Within a few minutes I had made a gold creamy butter that was unlike anything I have ever seen. It smelled like morning grass covered in dew, with a faint odor of cows. I kept inhaling it, not wanting to even taste it. (It was incredibly delicious when I ultimately did.) Noting the euphoric look on my face, Peter smiled knowingly, sharing the moment.

I knew now in my heart that I needed to buy some land and be part of this.  But, how to do this?

To be continued. Watch this space for more about my journey.

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