Is your product actually organic?

Advice on how to read organic skincare labels.
Are you totally overwhelmed by the amount of products claiming to be natural or organic, or both? And what are in these products anyway? I picked up some advice from Nicola Nolan Neal's Yard Remedies who told me how to decipher if the product is what it claims to be. First read the name of the product. For example if you are using an “Organic Lavender Cream” then flip the product around to check out its ingredients. As a rule of thumb, the healthier the product is, the fewer ingredients it should contain. Second, ingredients are listed from highest concentration to lowest concentration. So your organic lavender cream should list “organic lavender” as one of the first few ingredients. If it is last, that means that organic lavender was merely only dipped into the product! You can also check if there is an organic seal on the product. Neal’s Yard Remedies is from England so it is certified organic by the Soil Association - but other certifications to note are USDA Organic or Eco-Cert. Now that we know how to – lets avoid these phoney baloney products altogether!