The Efficient Way to Find Great Products

From The Perpetual Sampler Herself

Eco Emi

For those of us (myself included) who are learning to make the transition to an all-natural lifestyle, we’ve found the most perfect way to figure out your new favorites without the hassle of buying and returning, or even worse, buying a full size product and watching it sit on your vanity for eternity. It’s called Eco Emi. Sign up for $15 a month, and you will receive a package in the mail (eco friendly, of course!) of about five to ten samples of an array of products. These samples range from makeup and skincare, to food and household items. In our box, we received samples of Aura Cacia’s Mineral Bath, Blissoma’s Stress Relief Serum, Vegan Chocolates, and Eden Organics Kamut Ditalini (so delicious!) and more. This definitely makes navigating the natural section less intimidating and more like home.