A Brand We Love

Organic ingredients and eco-friendly business practices go hand in hand

Primavera Skincare
Here’s the scoop on Primavera, an organic beauty brand we think you should add to your beauty cabinet: We’ve been testing out product after product from this German brand and we are impressed not only by the efficacy of their products, but their dedication to being a true environmental friendly company. Their philosophy: Primavera believes that feeling close to nature helps everyone achieve a sense of balance – both with the outside world and the world within. They talk the talk and walk the walk since their products are all natural, never tested on animals and their headquarters have a zero-carbon footprint by developing sustainable building practices and even a feng shui energy flow! What we love the most is that there are products for people with ALL skin types (whether you have maturing skin, oily, combination or dry). My favorite product is their Moisturizing Intensive Seed Oil Capsules. Apply on your face at night like a serum, or I also found that it also works great as an oil for shaving!