Green and Gorgeous Introduces Social Beauty

Think facebook, for beauty addicts! Introduces Social Beauty
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Sometimes, picking through your best friend’s makeup bag can be just as exciting as digging through their closet to borrow a top. You discover what products work for them and if you’re lucky, find some new favorites for yourself. This experience has been digitalized for us on is a Social Beauty Store that recommends products for you based on your skin type survey. The results are divided into Best 4 You on a Budget, Best New 4 You, and (our personal favorite) Best Natural 4 You. You can browse these results and purchase products based on what is important to you. The best part? can save your purchases onto a “Beauty Cabinet” or an online profile of the products you use. This feature allows you to peek through the beauty cabinets of other users who have a similar skin type. You can read product reviews, and find out what really works! This is one more way to navigate the extensive sea of beauty products!