Are You Still Not Wearing a Sunscreen?

A Makeup Artist's Warning

Alba Botanica SPF 30

Natural Health’s Beauty Director Melissa Foss filmed a segment on WPIX 11 on juicing (check it out- so interesting!) Backstage in the makeup room, we chatted with Diane Pottinger, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Brow Specialist who informed us that many of her dark skinned clients are still opting out of sunscreen in their beauty routines. Diane told us, "Black people usually skip sunscreen with the belief that they don't need it. On the contrary, if it is not used daily, this will result in the discoloration of the exposed body parts- especially on the face." Discoloration? Yikes! We’re not pointing any fingers, but if you’re still not using a sunscreen on your dark skin (or ANY skin), we recommend picking up a great mineral sunscreen. It should contain only Zinc Oxide and Titanium dioxide; a great one is Alba Botanica Natural Very Emolllient Sunblock SPF 30.