Summer Beauty Bummers Solved

Conquer hot-weather skin, hair and makeup saboteurs.
Summer Beauty Bummers Solved
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The sun saps the life out of hair the same way it damages skin, leaving it dry, faded, crunchy and limp. That’s why it’s important to apply a UVblocking product on your strands when you know you’ll be in direct sunlight, says New York City-based celebrity stylist Oscar Blandi, owner of the Oscar Blandi Salon. Plan on diving into a pool or the ocean? “Wet your hair with fresh water first—it will fill the cuticle and help stave off the damage that chlorine or saltwater can create,” says Blandi. After shampooing and conditioning, douse your shining glory with a deep conditioner or repairing treatment. “But don’t rinse it out all the way,” suggests Blandi. “Leave a little in your hair to coat and protect it from sun exposure the next day.” Another secret weapon: dry shampoo. In summer, it’s best not to wash your hair every day, as shampooing too often can strip hair of its natural (and naturally moisturizing) oils. Dry shampoo absorbs excess sweat and sebum on the scalp, helping to give your roots a lift.
(a) Oscar Blandi Capri Sun Shield Spray ($20; protects strands with vitamin E, avocado and jojoba oil.
(b) Aveda Color Conserve Strengthening Treatment ($26; keeps hair shiny with a combination of sunflower and macadamia nut oils.
(c) Rene Furterer Okara Radiance Enhancing Spray ($26; is a leave-in treatment that uses protein-rich soybean extract to strengthen hair from the inside out and is loaded with vitamin E, which prevents fading.
(d) Philip Kingsley Swimcap ($35; is applied in sections before exposure to sun, chlorine and wind, and protects hair from the elements until it’s washed out.
(e) Davines Nou Nou Conditioner ($25; for salon locations) uses tomato extract to protect hair’s color.
(f) John Frieda Luxurious Volume Anytime Volume Refresher ($7; drugstore .com) lets you skip a wash (or two) and adds instant oomph and volume.