Reading Lips

A close examination of your lips can reveal how well you're really eating.

Reading Lips
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Christina Pirello, author of Glow: A Prescription for Radiant Health and Beauty, believes you can identify shortcomings in your diet by looking at your face. Following the theories of traditional Chinese medicine, she explains what your lips may be saying:








Lip         What It                     How to Alter 
Condition   Could Mean                  Your Diet 
RED LIPS    Your blood capillaries      Cut back on animal 
            have expanded, suggest-     products and salty 
            ing high blood pressure.    foods. 
WHITE OR    Sluggish circulation is     Reduce your intake 
PALE LIPS   causing blood stagnation,   of dairy products and 
            lymphatic problems,         simple sugars. Avoid 
            and allergies.              artificial additives. 
LIPS WITH   Your liver is overworked,   Eat fewer fats, 
YELLOW      causing an over-            including fried foods 
CORNERS     production of bile.         and eggs. 
DARK OR     Fatty acids and salts are   Cut back on 
BLUISH      accumulating around your    saturated fat. Eat 
LIPS        intestines and stomach.     leafy greens and 
                                        shiitake mushrooms. 
SWOLLEN     Your stomach is not         Don't eat too much 
UPPER LIP   functioning efficiently.    of one kind of food; 
                                        your stomach 
                                        prefers balance. 
SWOLLEN     Your large intestine is     Eat more fiber. 
LOWER LIP   flaccid and congested.      Cut back on sweets, 
                                        white flour, and 
                                        dairy products.