Oops: 9 Mistakes That Are Aging You

Get time back on your side! Here’s how.

Oops: 9 Mistakes That Are Aging You
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Getting older. it’s a universal truth that many of us don’t entirely embrace. And so, as the years march on, we spend a lot of time and money trying to look and feel younger. But for all of our efforts, we’re still making some mistakes, often without realizing it. “i see it all the time in my practice,” says ob-gyn Jennifer Ashton, M.d., the Englewood, N.J.-based author of Your Body Beautiful: Clockstopping Secrets to Staying Healthy, Strong and Sexy in Your 30s, 40s and Beyond (Avery) and co-host of ABC’s The Revolution. “Women say they want to turn back the clock, but then self-sabotage, whether it’s with their eating, sleep or exercise habits—you name it.” the good news is that you can take simple youth-boosting steps to reverse your aging errors. “it’s never too late to change your habits,” says Ashton. “And the results are so dramatic, you won’t want to stop because you’ll see and feel such a powerful difference.” So get time back on your side! Here’s how.