No-Surgery Face-Lifts

Take years off your looks sans scalpel.

No-Surgery Face-Lifts
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Bond with Blush
Many women apply blush too high on their cheeks. “You don’t want color on the boniest part of your cheeks,” says Gelsinger. Instead, blush should be applied on the apples of your cheeks, leaving one fingertip-width between the color and your nose. Note: a cream blush will impart a more dewy, youthful glow to the face.
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Caffeinate your Eye Cream
Caffeine can constrict the blood vessels, which reduces puffiness, says Zeichner. “It’s often applied with roller ball applicators that can help promote the movement of excess fluid through a massaging mechanism,” he adds. For rollerless creams, apply with your ring finger in gentle circular motions.
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Slather on Sunscreen
The sun’s UVA rays destroy collagen, so your daily sunscreen should offer broad-spectrum protection. if you have any redness in your skin, look for a sunscreen with the mineral zinc oxide, which deflects heat as well as rays and “is like having millions of crushed mirrors on your face that reflect the light,” says Koronczay.
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Pour on the Peptides
When collagen breaks down, it naturally forms amino acidlinked peptides, which let the body know it should produce more collagen. “External application of peptides tricks the body into making more,” Zeichner says of the hot anti-aging ingredient.
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Cleanse with Kombucha
rich in cell-wall building blocks called beta-glucans, kombucha tea is thought to aid skin elasticity as well as improve texture. Kombucha is also rich in probiotics, so the tea helps balance the skin’s ph levels and reduces inflammation when applied externally.
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Get Down with D
Well known for its importance in bone health, vitamin D is garnering attention for its potential skin benefits. “Topical vitamin D is often used as a treatment for psoriasis,” says Zeichner. “it has also been shown to normalize the maturation of skin cells.”
We like: Dr. Dennis Gross Active Vitamin D Serum Oil (d) ($65; sephora .com), which corrects hyperpigmentation.

Go for Ginkgo Biloba
Ginkgo biloba is one of the most diseaseresistant trees, thriving in some of the most polluted cities in the world. praised for its ability to aid memory in supplement form, extracts from the ginkgo tree leaves are packed with natural antioxidants. Applied topically, it’s thought to boost circulation, which may increase elasticity.
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Make Time for Mushrooms
This face-friendly fungus is packed with proteins that help fortify keratin in the skin. The more keratin present, the more elastic skin tends to be. Certain mushrooms (including shiitake) contain kojic acid, which inhibits the melanin production that can contribute to uneven skin tone.
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