Josie Maran's Favorite Beauty Tips

Find out why the model-turned-entrepreneur is obsessed with argan oil.
Josie Maran's Favorite Beauty Tips
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Though she’s been modeling since age 12, Josie Maran always knew she was more than just a pretty face. “I wanted to do something to help the world,” she says. “I wondered how I could make an impact for the better.” During a photo shoot while pregnant with her first daughter, Rumi Joon, now 7, everything clicked. Concerned about the chemical-laden products slathered on her during shoots, she decided to develop a line of nontoxic, eco-friendly cosmetics—concealer, mascara, hair oil and more. Her brainstorm became a big business: Josie Maran Cosmetics has grown to 50 products sold in eight countries. Here, the sweet, down-toearth model mama talks about her obsession with argan, her favorite family moments and her secret weapon for fluttery lashes.

1 Her face fixer “While modeling in France years ago, I met a woman who looked 40 but was actually 70. I asked what her secret was, and she introduced me to argan oil. It transformed my skin.” Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil ($48,

2 Her desert-island tool “I’m super low-maintenance, but I need my Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler. It lifts and shapes my lashes perfectly!” ($21,

3 Her travel tip “Wear sunscreen—even on a plane! It’s not just the dry air that damages skin when you fly. There’s less of a barrier between you and the sun up there.” ($34,

4 Her domestic destresser “I love to make homemade pizzas with my girls, Rumi and Indi Joon. We top the pies with fresh veggies from the garden on our farm.”