Better Care for Your Hair

PROBLEM: frizzy hair; flaking scalp
Holistic Help

1. DYE AND BLOW-DRY LESS. Color and heat damage the hair follicle and dry out your hair.
2. SHAMPOO LESS OFTEN. “Shampoo strips the scalp of natural oils that help hydrate and protect the hair,” says New York City hairstylist John Masters, owner of the John Masters Salon.
3. EAT OILY FOODS AND GOOD FATS. Eating salmon, sardines, and mackerel increases your internal oil, leading to nourished hair, says Kingsley. Eating healthy fats like olive and flaxseed oils and walnuts will help boost oil production at your scalp, he explains.

Quick Fixes
1. GET A SCALP TREATMENT. Oils nourish and hydrate the scalp and hair. Make your own treatment by blending half an ounce each of olive and jojoba oils with one mashed avocado. Apply in a steam room or steamy bathroom (heat helps open follicles and pores).
2. USE MOISTURIZERS. Try a shampoo made for dry hair, like ALTERNA HEMP WITH ORGANICS COLOR HOLD REPAIR SHAMPOO ($23; and a good deep-conditioning treatment with shea butter, avocado oil, or cedarwood. DAVINES INVISIBLE HONEY GEL ($20;, for instance, contains castor oil.