Better Care for Your Hair

If you’re plagued by thinning hair, freaky frizz, or chronic dandruff, we have a holistic plan for you.

Better Care for Your Hair
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PROBLEM: oily scalp, dandruff
Holistic Help

1. WASH DAILY. Shampoo every day to help combat a greasy head.
2. GET YOUR OMEGA-3S. Healthy oils help regulate oil production, says Steelsmith. Zinc (found in oysters, beef, pork, and chicken legs) is known to ease an oily scalp.
3. TAME YOUR TUMMY. Dandruff is connected to an unhealthy digestive system (overgrowth of yeast or bacteria, for example), explains Steelsmith. To balance any overgrowth, take a probiotic supplement and eat garlic and oregano, which help kill bad yeast.

Quick Fixes
1. TRY HERBS. Look for products that contain sage or soothing chamomile, which have astringent, antibacterial qualities. Choose ALBA BOTANICA DETANGLING CONDITIONER ($10; with chamomile.
2. FORTIFY WITH ZINC. This mineral helps stop dandruff and reduces scalp irritation, says Masters. Look for a shampoo with zinc in it, like JOHN MASTERS ORGANICS ZINC & SAGE SHAMPOO WITH CONDITIONER ($20;