Be a Foodie Beauty

Go on—feed your face! These 19 picks nourish your complexion from the outside in.
Be a Foodie Beauty
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The isoflavones in soy are potent antioxidants that reduce free radical damage and promote the growth of new, skin-plumping collagen. “There’s evidence that the natural estrogens in soy improve skin thickness,” says Alexiades- Armenakas. There is also good science behind the use of soy to reduce age spots. The soy proteins help even out skin tone to reduce the appearance of existing spots—and may even prevent new spots from popping up. “Soy blocks the receptors in the skin cells so that pigment can’t move from the melanocytes—where the pigment is produced—into the cells,” says Baumann.
(F) La Natura Soy Pure Butter ($28; infuses skin with soy essential fatty acids.
(G) derma e Papaya Enzyme and Soy Foaming Facial Cleanser ($14; dermae .com) helps prevent dehydration and improve skin’s texture.
(H) Garnier Ultra-lift Pro Gravity Defying Cream ($17; firms skin and plumps wrinkles.