Banish Blemishes

If you suffer from adult acne, natural remedies can help clear things up.

Banish Blemishes
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DIY alternative approaches

Ayurveda links acne to two of three doshas (constitutions): pittas (quick, passionate, high achievers, with sensitive skin); and kaphas (deliberate, compassionate, grounded, with oily skin).

Home remedy: Mix 5 grams each of powdered neem, turmeric, amla, sandalwood and multani mitti with 5 milliliters to 10 milliliters of water to create a paste. Apply in the morning and evening, let dry, then wash.

Homeopathic treatments for acne contain microdose dilutions of calendula, echinacea, berberis, arnica, belladonna and/or sulfur.
Home remedy: Try Nelsons Acne Gel ($7; drugstore .com) or Hyland’s ClearArc ($5; organicpharmacy .org).

Traditional Chinese medicine attributes acne to heat and dampness, as well as toxins, in the body.
Home remedy: Eat foods that clear heat and dampness; these include sweet, juicy fruits, vegetables and pearl barley. Avoid foods that contribute to heat and dampness, such as shellfish, spicy or deep-fried foods, sweets, alcohol and dairy.