Ayurveda: The Secret to Amazing Skin

Have you ever noticed that the healthier you feel, the better you look?

Ayurveda: The Secret to Amazing Skin
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Skin Type C: Kapha
Kapha skin tends to be thick and moist with large pores and lots of natural oils. It ages well, but dampness and cold create excess oil, which attracts impurities and can cause cystic acne. It needs detoxification on a regular basis. care for kapha skin by indulging in a sauna in winter, when staying warm and dry is so important. You’ll also benefit from a robust rub with warming sesame oil and even a little bit of mustard-seed oil. eucalyptus, rosemary and sage are all good essential oils to add to the bath or to massage into your skin. If your skin is inflamed, use a clay mask to absorb oil.
A Pratima Kali Rai Toning Body Oil ($23; increases circulation, detoxifies and tones with a blend of organic mustard oil, cypress, patchouli and juniper.
B SpaRitual Instinctual Clay Masque Organic Ginger Root ($49; sparitual .com) promotes the removal of toxins and impurities.
C Kneipp Rosemary Awakening Vitality Herbal Bath ($20; stimulates circulation and energizes the entire body.
D St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub ($6; clears up breakouts and reduces redness.