Ayurveda: The Secret to Amazing Skin

Have you ever noticed that the healthier you feel, the better you look?

Ayurveda: The Secret to Amazing Skin
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What’s Your Skin Dosha Quiz?

1. My skin color is: A. pale, whitish B. ruddy, pink C. darker than my ethnic type
2. The thickness of my skin is: A. thin, delicate, wrinkles easily B. medium C. thick
3. My skin generally feels: A. dry B. slightly oily C. oily
4. My skin tends to be: A. rough B. soft C. plump
5. To the touch, my skin usually feels: A. cool B. warm C. cold
6. The pores of my skin are: A. small and fine B. medium-sized C. large
7. The glow of my skin is: A. matte B. softly lustrous C. shiny
8. My skin has a tendency toward: A. scratches, bruises and lines B. pinkish breakouts, freckles, acne, allergies C. eruptions, excessive oiliness
9. My skin problems are often triggered by: A. general stress and anxiety B. negative emotions or traumatic events C. lack of exercise, less rigorous cleansing
10. My skin tends to be problematic during: A. cold, windy weather B. hot weather C. cool, damp weather

Your Skin Score

Mostly A’s Your skin is predominant Vata
Mostly B’s Your skin is predominant pitta
Mostly C’s Your skin is predominant kapha

Quiz compiled by Vishnu Dass of Blue Lotus Ayurveda in Asheville, N.C.